About the Intensive Resettlement Programme


What is it?

The Intensive Resettlement service provides support to service users who have multiple needs, exclusions and whose life-style choices and complex needs have prevented them from engaging with support services in the  past.
The programme is offered to all of the Trust’s service users and into the community.
Our team prides itself upon helping people access services and resources that promote a rewarding sense of belonging.
We provide a flexible approach to the needs of our service users.

You will work on a one-to-one basis with your Intensive Resettlement worker so that all the requirements of your care plan are addressed in a planned way.  There is an expectation that you meet with your Intensive Resettlement Worker as agreed in your support plan.
You will have a review 28 days after your support starts and then every 3 months.  This will be with your Intensive Resettlement worker and your Care Co-ordinator, CPN or Social Worker.
We work with Mental Health and Homeless Outcome Star.  This system enables you to monitor your own progress.

The referral process: 

Referrals to this service are made from the Trust’s three residential sites, Bishopbridge House, Highwater House and Carrow Hill Home in partnership with your external care co-ordinator.  External referrals can also be accepted once the other routes have been exhausted.
To be eligible you must:
Have an external Care Co-ordinator/Social Worker/Community Psychiatric Nurse
Be between 18 - 65 years of age
Your Care Co-Ordinator will need to refer you to this service.
Once the team has received a referral form they will contact you and arrange an assessment.  At this stage we will discuss a range of support needs and gather some information from you.  The Trust’s Data Protection Policy will be explained to you at this point.
Following your assessment you will receive a letter informing you whether you have been accepted into the service and put on a waiting list.  If we feel that this service cannot meet your needs, following your assessment, we will refer back to your Care Co-ordinator so they can explore other options.
What support will be provided?
The service will provide you with an individual support plan in accordance with your care plan.  This will be designed to enable and equip you with the skills necessary to achieve independent living.

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