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DATE POSTED: 14/08/2013

Under One Roof - our informal learning centre

Under One Roof: Under One Roof started operations in January 2010. The period under review therefore covers the third year of the life of this centre for informal education and personal development for all our service users. Facilities include a teaching/meeting room that can also be used as a dance and exercise area, an I.T. suite, three seminar rooms and a fully-equipped training kitchen. 

Under One Roof was designed to supplement the Trust’s other services – to provide for the first time in the Trust’s 40 year history a safe environment where service users could learn new skills and knowledge that helps them with their resettlement process after a period of homelessness and encourages them to express themselves creatively. Some of the activities have the formality of “a course” led by a Tutor, other learning activities are one-off events that respond to the expressed needs of service users.

Activities have been many and varied and have included:- a wide range of keep-fit and well-being classes; a wide range of IT tuition (for beginners through to specialist training for people keen embark on a career in IT); literacy and numeracy; photography and digital media; growing, preparing, cooking and serving food; yoga and relaxation; money management; keep fit; music making; local history; and specialist craft tuition.  Several courses and sessions are specifically devoted to the knowledge and skills required to establish and sustain oneself in a new tenancy.

Under One Roof receives no government grant and has been funded by the charitable resources of the Trust.  Many agencies working in the field of social exclusion have joined with us to develop and deliver the learning syllabus at Under One Roof.  The project represents excellent value for the agencies who commission projects from us – because the service users from those projects are regular users of Under One Roof.  For example the care plans of residents at our two care homes can now specify which learning activities they would like to see delivered at Under One Roof. Up to 30 people can use the centre at one time and it is often used to its maximum.  It is not a drop-in or “day centre” because everyone attending Under One Roof is engaged in a purposeful learning activity. 

Click here for the full 2012/13 Annual Report of the Trust.

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