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A POP of colour for Webster Court

Knapple; (a Graffiti artist known for her Pineapple Artwork dotted around Norwich City Centre) has been working hard alongside some of our residents at Webster Court. Webster Court provides housing and cares for people aged over 50, many of whom are physically frail and have mental health issues such as dementia. The tenants at Webster Court have all experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. Some live independently in apartments and others require more comprehensive care.

Webster Court is a two-storey ‘H block’ design consisting of 32 apartments.  Each apartment comprises a bedroom, kitchen, lounge/diner and bathroom.

When Knapple arrived the 3 walls were plain white and in need of a make-over. The residents and Knapple decided to get their paintbrushes at the ready and get creative! Knapple was keen that the artwork that was going on the walls was decided by the residents therefore, she held a workshop so they could voice their thoughts and even get creative by drawing up some of their own ideas!

One of the residents Sue is a huge Disney fan so wanted to include some Disney Characters and especially Kermit the frog! Amalia another resident and keen artist spends her free time doing all sorts of amazing artwork, she joined in with her sketches of landmarks around the city centre. Jonny decided he wanted blue fishes that he had drawn to be on the wall. Other residents decided they wanted a painting of the naughty Squirrel that often attempts to visit the Webster Court kitchen and has once been caught stealing bread!

The following week Knapple returned after the artwork was all planned and they got started with painting the murals. Using a pencil to roughly sketch out their drawings onto the walls and then using coloured acrylic paints to bring the drawings to life.

Amalia’s hard work did not go unrecognised as she stood for 5 hours and would not stop for a lunch break! Her hard work paid off and this shows through the beautifully finished piece. Sue and Jonny also worked incredibly hard and created some great work too. Sue’s drawing of Kermit the frog catches the eye and got lots of compliments from residents and staff walking by. Jonny decided to break up his day by coming to the wall every half an hour to paint another fish and they look fantastic!

Knapple created a stained glass window look incorporating all of the resident’s ideas and Sue’s artwork. Creating a bold, colourful and inviting piece for all staff, residents and visitors to appreciate whilst at Webster Court.

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