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Amazing Orla

Orla Goodson, who is 11 years old and lives in Reepham, was given a list of activities at school, one of which was to “look at local charities and find out how you can support them”.
Orla came to us.

In her email she said “I feel that homelessness is a growing concern throughout the country as there are less affordable homes and job opportunities. Therefore I am writing to ask what you currently need to help people living on the streets”.

Orla specifically wanted to collect items that would be of use to people who are homeless. We thanked her for her kind offer and provided her with a list.

Then Orla went to work.

She contacted her local community magazine and asked them to advertise the list along with the drop off point of Kerri’s Farmhouse Pine and Tearooms. Donations soon started to come in.

Her project also caught the eye of the Reepham Lions Club, who then donated £200 to help Orla buy items that were needed.

Orla continued to collect items and other local people and businesses got involved along the way. She ended the collection in May and brought the donation the Donation Station on Bishopgate.

Matt, who volunteers at the Donation Station and lives in one of St Martins projects, said “she’s brilliant, I wish there were more people like her”.

Orla collected a variety of items, including tea, coffee, UHT milk, new underwear and household items.

Matt said, “Everything she has brought will be used by people who need it. Amazing.”

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