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Art Classes at Under 1 Roof

Make Play Connect- Gillian

Gillian Francis is a visual artist, currently specialising in printmaking and fibre art. As Company Director of Make Play Connect, she has created a flexible, welcoming and safe community space for arts, education and well-being activities in Norwich. She does weekly sessions at Under 1 roof.

These weekly sessions aim to get the members of Under 1 Roof involved in doing something fun and creative! Many of the members at under 1 roof are extremely artistic so they really enjoy these sessions from regular art tutor Gillian.

They have covered many topics such as:

Street Art- Where members looked at the work of Jean Michel Basquiat, Norwich graffiti artists and Banksy for inspiration & learned new techniques such as stencilling.

Creating with colour- Students looked at the paintings of Sarah Graham, Van Gogh and Picasso for inspiration. They explored Colour Theory and blending using different media. Using generous donations of wool, students were able to make blankets and rugs and use Colour Theory to develop their ideas.

Natural Form- Students looked at the work of O’Keefe and Cezzanne for inspiration. They are developing their mark making skills by practising techniques and using tone to make their drawings look three dimensional.

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