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Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations made by a UK taxpayer, which means your donations will be worth an extra 25%. All donations (excluding those made through Charities Aid Foundation, payroll giving or collections) are eligible for the scheme – including regular giving such as Direct Debits and Standing Orders. Donations must come from the individual as donations made on behalf of a group or collection do not qualify on an individual declaration.

If you are currently a UK taxpayer and have completed a Gift Aid Declaration for St Martins, we can claim back 25p for every £1 that you donate at no extra cost to you.  Your declaration is valid for all eligible gifts in the future and those that you have given within the past 4 years and will remain active until you notify us to cancel your declaration.


If you would like to enter the Gift Aid scheme, please download, complete and return a Gift Aid form.

You are a UK taxpayer if:

  • Tax is taken from your wages or pension before you receive them
  • You have to fill out a self-assessment form
  • You have taxable savings, or a pension plan, or investment income
  • You have recently paid any capital gains tax on – this could be the sale of a property or shares.

If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, you can also claim back the difference between higher rate and basic rate tax on the value of your donation. For a 40% rate taxpayer, that means for every £1 you donate, you can claim back 25p in tax relief.  You can then opt to donate this to the charity of your choice.

You can support as many UK charities as you like through Gift Aid. You will need to return a Gift Aid declaration to each charity that you support and ensure that you are paying enough tax during the year to cover your total annual donations.

For more information on Gift Aid please visit the HMRC website.

Download a Gift Aid Declaration Form.

We use CAF Bank to process online donations because it enables our supporters to make donations conveniently using a credit or debit card, via PayPal, or to set up a Direct Debit for regular donations.  CAF is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, so you can be confident that your donations are processed securely.

There are always fees for processing transactions online, even for donations to charity.  For St Martins, CAF automatically claims Gift Aid for us on eligible donations, reducing our administration costs.  The transaction fees are minimal, making CAF the most cost-effective online donation processing method available to us.

This enables us to make the most of your donation to support homeless people.

For one-off donations CAF charges a fee of 3.6% of each transaction, including Gift Aid.  That means that if a donation is eligible for Gift Aid, we receive the full donation amount plus most of the Gift Aid.

For example, for a donation of £10.00 with Gift Aid, we receive an additional £2.50 in Gift Aid.  The transaction fee is £0.45, so the total received by St Martins is £12.05.

For regular donations, the fees are lower.  There is a £1 set-up fee for every new Direct Debit instruction, then a fee of 2.0% of the total donation, capped at £5 per donation.

For example, for a monthly donation of £10.00 with Gift Aid, the total annual donation is £120.00, plus £30 Gift Aid.  The fees per month are £0.25, plus an initial start up fee of £1, which makes £2.50 of fees payable in the first year.  The total received by St Martins in year 1 is £147.50, and £148.50 in each subsequent year.

If you prefer, you can still donate by cheque made payable to St Martins Housing Trust and sent to St Martins Housing Trust, 35 Bishopgate, Norwich NR1 4AA.  Please download our donation form here: Donation Form

Make an online donation via CAF.

Your gift will make a big difference to the lives of homeless people by helping to provide emergency accommodation for rough sleepers, as well as intensive support with mental and physical health needs to reduce the likelihood of them returning to living on the streets and give them hope for a better future.

Thank you.