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Payroll Giving

If you are employed, you can make a regular monthly donation to St Martins direct from your pre-tax salary.  This is called ‘Give As You Earn’ or ‘Payroll Giving’.  Because you don’t pay tax on the donation, the amount of tax you pay will be reduced.  For example, if you pay tax at 20%, a £15 donation would only cost you £12.

Regular donations make a big difference, because homeless people need your support all year round, not just in winter.

To sign up for Payroll Giving, ask your employer if they already enrolled in a scheme.  If so, they will tell you how to join and start giving.  If not, you can ask your employer to offer Payroll Giving to employees.

The following Payroll Giving agencies can offer advice and help with this:



The UK Government Website has a list all of approved agencies for payroll giving.