The Knitted House

The house is on display from 7  – 27 October in the North Transept of Norwich Cathedral.

St Martins has built house for World Homeless Day on October 10th
A house made of wool. Each ‘brick’ that builds the house will be a 1 meter length of woollen scarf.
The house is made of 4,677 of these lengths, each representing a person who is sleeping rough every night in this country over a year.

One in 8 of them will be black, to represent the 600 people who died on our streets last year.
The giant house that will be installed in Norwich Cathedral.

We are very conscious of not wasting resources so scarves are available for people to take in return for a donation – and the money raised will go towards supporting homeless people in Norwich. Please click below to donate.

Why are we doing this? It’s a great opportunity to highlight the issue of homelessness and the positive work St Martins and others are doing to support people who are homeless. Each person we support is unique and important and we think this knitting project will help increase understanding and compassion in our community.

The Knitted House will be on display at Norwich Cathedral in early October. It will be in place during Norfolk Schools Week and hundreds of school children will have the chance to visit, learn about homelessness, meet us and some of the people we support. Some of the scarves will be given to the people we support after the event, others will be sold and the remainder will be sewn into blankets for charity.