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Legacy giving

We know that your first priority when making a will is to provide for your loved ones, but many people find that even after they’ve done this they can leave something to a cause they hold dear. Leaving St Martins a gift in your will is a valuable and lasting way of supporting us. It costs nothing during your lifetime but will have a powerful impact for years to come. Legacies to St Martins Housing Trust are free from Inheritance Tax. Remembering the Trust in your will could reduce the tax your family has to pay. If you need to make a will you should talk to a solicitor to ensure your will is legally correct and that all your wishes are clear.

If you have already made a will and would like to add a legacy gift to St Martins Housing Trust, your solicitor will add your request to your existing will.

A legacy gift to St Martins Housing Trust can be made in several different ways which your solicitor will explain more fully:

  • A specific gift of money – you can preserve the value of a cash legacy by linking it directly to the Cost of Living Index
  • A share of your estate – you may choose to give a percentage of your estate or the residue (balance left) after other gifts and commitments have been made
  • A named item – for example a property or stocks and shares

If you wish to make a legacy gift to St Martins, your solicitor will need the following information:

Registered name: St Martins Housing Trust
Registered office: 35 Bishopgate, Norwich NR1 4AA
Charity number: 802013
Telephone: (01603) 667706