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Highwater House Art Group

Robert is a long-serving chef at Highwater house. He’s always had a personal interest in art and, throughout the various covid lockdowns, when they couldn’t go out or access community events, began to run impromptu art groups in the home to help support the residents. This morphed into something more official and he is now employed to run an in-house art group.

Due to their poor mental health, many of our residents struggle to access more traditional support, so having someone who is known and trusted has really helped them to feel able to take part. The results have been amazing! Not only do we now have residents’ art displayed throughout the building, but they have taken part in an art competition, and have some works hung in cafes around Norfolk.

By making the group so accessible, relaxed, and inclusive – anyone can join in and take part for as long they choose with no demands – some residents have found a creative streak they never knew they had. One resident has even proudly given our CEO a piece of his art which is now on display in her office.

Robert says “I’ve loved watching the residents gain confidence in their artwork – whether it’s modelling clay, drawing or painting. The projects we’ve produced have all got stories attached to them, and we’ve looked at how our lives shape the art we create”.

Robert is proud of the progress all of the residents have made and of their enthusiasm to keep going with the sessions.

One resident said, “When doing art, my mind closes to my problems and the art flows, like music. I find it a peaceful place when I can create.”

The beautifully aged roof tiles are over 150 years old and make lovely canvasses for the residents’ artwork.

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