Andy’s story

Man workingI became homeless 2006 after a failed relationship. In the months before I had lost my job, I burned bridges with family and friends, sold all my possessions and left my home. These circumstances were mainly due to excessive drinking, leading to absence of mind and poor decision making.

I have been in a number of hostels, move on accommodation and street homeless. Drinking has been a regular source of problems and accommodation loss. I was living out of a rucksack on the streets when I entered Bishopbridge House. I was well fed and comfortable in the direct access quarters which enabled me to start to think clearly and improve my overall health.

Staff at Bishopbridge House have been extremely supportive, having good understanding of my problems. I have found them to be friendly, empathetic, available and with sound direction and advice.

Since being here I have been able to link up with other agencies, charities and employers. These agencies are able to visit me here in private surroundings and I have access to all modern communications.

Bishopbridge House has contacts with local employers, I have recently completed a work placement with a property maintenance company. At first I was nervous having been out of work for some time, but with encouragement from both Bishopbridge House and my mentor, my confidence quickly rose. I put old skills to use and learnt a considerable amount during this period. This opportunity has provided me with a valuable reference and has made me feel better about myself, giving me a plan and hope for the future.

I will shortly be moving into second stage, more permanent accommodation. This will be a good place to start my new life and I am grateful for all the help I have received and progress made during my stay at Bishopbridge House.