Michael’s story


By his own admission, Michael has been “on a journey” for the last few years.  Five years ago he was sleeping rough and misusing alcohol and drugs.  It was during this time that he ended up spending 14 months in prison.

Not long after his release, he came into contact with St Martins, and was first at the hostel Bishopbridge House for four months, from which he was supported in one of our shared properties for two years.

Michael started coming to St Martins training centre Under 1 Roof in November 2016.  Since then he has taken part in IT courses, attended healing sessions, benefited from support in budget planning and joined the fitness sessions.  He has seen many benefits from his involvement at the training centre, including improved social skills. He has also been inspired to take up regular exercise and he now either runs to cycles every day.

Furthermore he’s now been clean from all substances for three and half years!

Michael secured an independent tenancy on a flat in February this year. It is ten years since Michael last worked – and this month he starts a new job working in social care for residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia, which marks a new venture for him. Michael said, “I have a much better awareness of myself and the world.  Keeping active and interacting with other people has been really important in me getting to this point and avoiding loneliness and boredom.”


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