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Mental Health Crisis support

Under 1's Wing

An evening support service designed to help provide additional care to people in mental health crisis is operating from St Martins’ premises Under 1 Roof on Westwick Street.

The referral-only service is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment, hence the name ‘Under 1’s Wing’, to people in crisis during the evenings. The service has been commissioned by Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), initially for an interim period, which has now been extended to cover six days a week.  Its aim is to offer a timely response to people in crisis while reducing pressure on mental health beds and the emergency departments at acute hospitals.

The service operates from 6pm – 11pm on Tuesday to Sunday nights and responds to referrals from NSFT, the wider NHS, the police and partners such as the Mind helpline.

Head of Community Services for St Martins Lucy Bone said, “This is a valuable service for people in mental health distress. The face-to-face support we provide helps to make people feel safer, calmer and prevents their mental wellbeing from deteriorating further.”

How does it work?
Once the referral has been received, risk assessed and accepted into the service, the referrer will be contacted in a timely fashion, within a maximum of 30 minutes, and a time slot will be allocated. The person in crisis goes to the premises on Westwick Street where they receive one-to-one practical and emotional support for difficulties relating to their mental wellbeing.

Access criteria

We offer support for those who:

  • Are over 18 years old.
  • Are willing to engage in the night time support service and have provided verbal consent to share information (this will be followed up by a written consent when the person attends).
  • Have a high level of distress that requires support to stop escalation of need and further deterioration of the person’s wellbeing.
  • Are in a position where they feel unable to cope and need immediate support.
  • Have no access to immediate network or family or friend.
  • May be experiencing thoughts of self harming and do not feel safe.
  • May be experiencing suicidal thoughts and have some level of planning, but with no evidence of imminent intent to act on these thoughts.
  • May be hearing voices but have adequate insight to engage with the team.
  • May have had alcohol, illicit drugs or used prescribed medication but are not so intoxicated that their behaviour is greatly affected and they cannot be provided with the service.
  • Have agreed to attend the premises without illicit substance/alcohol/weapons on their persons to allow all parties to remain safe.

Exclusion Criteria

We cannot offer support to those who:

  • Have expressed a view that they will not engage in the night time support service.
  • Are under the age of 18 (or are accompanied by an under 18).
  • Are intoxicated to the point of their behaviour being affected, meaning that they cannot be seen and are requiring detox or are at risk of withdrawal systems.
  • Have already overdosed or self harmed and require medical attention.
  • Are behaving in an uncontrollable, violent or aggressive manner.
  • Have a history of violence that would potentially present risk to staff and/or have weapons about their person.
  • Are currently presenting as psychotic to the point of their behaviour being affected, meaning they cannot be seen.
  • Have immediate plans to end their life.

Pictured above: The Snug is our session room that has been co-designed to provide a psychologically informed environment for the people we support.

With thanks to James Bussey from Native origin for recording and producing the film about Under 1’s Wing

Under 1's Wing