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Laurie’s Legacy

In memory of Laurence ‘Laurie’ Herring

Laurie’s Legacy is a monthly award presented as part of the Footprint scheme created by St. Martins. This award is presented in honour of Laurie Herring. Laurie had a great love for books, films, art and poems. He sadly passed away in May 2021 aged 18.

Homelessness was an issue that was very much at the forefront of Laurie’s mind. He would often end up talking to those who found themselves without a home. Laurie had an ability to see beyond the stereotype of ‘homelessness’, he saw not the situation but the individual, and he truly wanted to get to know whoever he found himself talking to.

The Footprint Scheme is when residents at The Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub can create something, for example; a piece of artwork or poem that will go on the footprint wall. The idea of the footprints is a stepping stone in the resident’s journey. For contributing, their name goes into a hat and they have the chance of winning a voucher that is presented in honour of Laurie. The Somewhere Safe to Stay Hub is normally the first contact the people we care for have with St Martins. Therefore, it Is important that The Hub do activities like this to make the residents feel included, something they can create in order to receive a reward for their work. The reward Is not based on how good the work is it is awarded based on participation.

Last month the winner was resident Kirsty; who wrote a very heartfelt but brilliant poem that highlights the problems and abuse people experiencing homelessness can experience whilst sleeping rough. Kirsty won a £5 Love to Shop voucher for her poem in honour of Laurie’s Legacy. In the pictures you can see Kirsty with her certificate, accompanied by Anna (Laurie’s sister).

With Laurie’s Legacy, we want to show and celebrate the beauty that can arise out of even the most difficult of circumstances, as the footprints on display demonstrate. But also to show that no matter your situation, everyone has something to offer the world. Laurie’s family are going to continue to support St Martins in Laurie’s name.

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