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Volunteers Week 2022

This week marks Volunteers Week! St Martins are so grateful for the truly fantastic team of volunteers we have who dedicate hours of their time helping people and making a difference and what a huge difference they make too, currently, we have over 20 active volunteers who have been matched up with the perfect role based on their interest and abilities, the team is forever growing and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.


Michael- Supermarket collector volunteer

Michael has been a volunteer for several years and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds! 

He co-ordinates a team of volunteers to take part in supermarket collections collecting cash donations from shoppers. Michael works extremely hard around Christmas time too, what a remarkable man!


Mia- Bishopbridge House Volunteer 

Mia volunteers with St Martins for a few hours a week as part of the Validate@ programme, which uses learning and development opportunities to support people using St Martins’ services. Having never worked in a hostel setting, Mia was nervous at first and didn’t know what to expect.

Mia has found that a voluntary role has helped her gain experience and she may consider a career in support in the future and is not embarrassed to ask questions. She attended training alongside other volunteers on the Validate@ programme and found it beneficial to share experiences. “I left the training feeling so great. There was a hugely different age range – people like myself in their twenties and people in their 60s and 70s. We were honest and open about our weaknesses and strengths.”


Sue- Bridges Volunteer

Sue was a member of Bridges seven years ago, a service run by St Martins for people who struggle with their mental health. Sue was sectioned and told she had Bipolar and was on lots of different tablets to tackle her mental health. Later she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which was causing a lot of her problems mentally and physically. Bridges helped Sue so she wanted to spend her free time when she felt up to it helping others. “I can talk to anyone, I now have so many life skills and experience so why not use it to help others. I love everything about St Martins it gives me so much warmth. We have all become such good friends here.”


Anne- Bishopbridge House Volunteer

Anne has been a volunteer with St Martins for 5 years now. She helps the people we support with filling out PIP Forms (Personal Independence Payment). Anne said, “I get great satisfaction out of helping with PIP Forms as it means I am helping people get more money who desperately need it!” Anne explained how she has heard some awful stories from the people she helps so she is so grateful to be in a position where she can help in some way.  


If you would to find out about volunteering at St Martins, please click here to get in touch:

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