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Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will to St Martins can make a huge difference to homeless people.

It’s so much more than putting a roof over somebody’s head.  It’s an opportunity to pass on something wonderful, giving somebody a caring hand up to help them tackle the issues that caused them to become homeless and start to rebuild their lives.

At any time, St Martins supports around 200 people who are affected by homelessness.  We provide accommodation for rough sleepers, temporary accommodation and care homes as well as outreach, community support and drop-in services for personal development and wellbeing.

By leaving St Martins a legacy, your amazing gift could transform the lives of people sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness, as well as safeguard our services for the future.


Leaving a gift in your will to St Martins

Thank you for considering leaving St Martins a gift in your will.

We know that your first priority when making a will is to provide for your loved ones, but many people find that even after they’ve done this they can leave something to a cause they hold dear.

Leaving St Martins a gift in your will is a valuable and lasting way of supporting us. It costs nothing during your lifetime but will have a powerful impact for years to come.  Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes an incredible difference.  We are extremely grateful for each and every gift.

If you have already made a will and would like to add a legacy gift to St Martins Housing Trust, your solicitor will add your request to your existing will.

A legacy gift to St Martins Housing Trust can be made in several different ways which your solicitor will explain more fully:

Once you’ve taken care of your family and friends, you can leave a share of what’s left of your estate, also known as a ‘residual gift’.

As this is a proportion of your estate, it will keep pace with inflation and not lose value.

This involves leaving a gift of a fixed amount of money. This is also known as a ‘pecuniary gift’.

It is worth revising pecuniary gifts every couple of years, as their value could be eroded by inflation.

You may choose to leave a specific item, such as jewellery or stocks and shares.

It’s best to take professional advice from your solicitor in such instances, to ensure your wishes are properly carried out.

When you’re ready to make or update your will, here is the essential information your solicitor will need:

  • ArrowRegistered name: St Martins Housing Trust
  • ArrowRegistered office: 35 Bishopgate, Norwich NR1 4AA
  • ArrowCharity number: 802013
  • ArrowTelephone: (01603) 667706

A gift in your will is a gift from the heart. We promise to use your gift in a careful, cost-effective way, ensuring that it has the greatest impact on the people who really need it the most. Find out how we use our kind donations in our Annual Review

We are part of Remember A Charity – a consortium of over 200 charities set up to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and leaving gifts to charities. You can also visit their website for further information about making a Will and leaving a legacy.