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Our impact

Facts about homelessness

  • The average life expectancy of homeless men is 47 and 43 for women.
  • Rough sleepers are 9 times more likely to take their own lives than the general population
  • Rough sleeping has more than doubled since 2010

Facts about St Martins

  • ArrowMore than 2,000 people have used our hostel Bishopbridge House since it opened, some more than once.
  • ArrowThe principal reason given by people as the reason for their homelessness was that they had either abandoned their tenancy or had been evicted for rent arrears (165 people or 25% of all cases). This was followed by “prison release with no accommodation (111 or 17% of all cases) and non-violent relationship breakdown (88 or 13% of all cases).
  • ArrowThe team assessed 486 individuals. However, several people were seen on more than one period of street sleeping and consequently there were 663 cases for the team to deal with.  Positive or known outcomes were recorded in 515 cases.
  • Arrow448 cases (or 68% of all cases) had a Norwich connection.