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Real life stories of people supported by St Martins

Featured image for Darcy's story

Arrow Darcy's story

Darcy faces the frightening prospect of having her leg amputated, due to medical complications due to her long-term addiction to alcohol. However, now six months sober, Darcy is full of hope and positivity. Life has been hard for Darcy; she experienced abuse, loss, addiction and exploitation, yet has reached a point where she can reflect on what happened and move on, and is ready to tell her story.

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Featured image for Ian's story

Arrow Ian's story

Ian is 43 years old and has a history of being arrested for disorderly conduct; a behaviour pattern that was aggravated by long term homelessness, mental health problems and dependency issues.

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Featured image for Phil's story

Arrow Phil's story

Phil had been homeless for 18 years and spent much of that time sleeping rough. A bad case of trench foot led Phil to finally accept a place in St Martins hostel.

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Featured image for Geoff's story

Arrow Geoff's story

Geoff, who is in his sixties, has been known to St Martins for at least 20 years. Over the years, Geoff circulated from the streets to hostels to prison, then back to the streets and it was a repeating cycle than seemed impossible to break.

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Featured image for Mike's story

Arrow Mike's story

Mike had a home and a job, but aged 56, he found himself rough sleeping on Castle Meadow in Norwich. With the help of the Pathways service, he is now getting his life back on track.

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Featured image for Jo's story

Arrow Jo's story

Staff obviously take an interest in Graham and are always on hand at Webster court to deal with communications about him, either in person, on the phone or by email.

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Featured image for Kareem's story

Arrow Kareem's story

Kareem, with the keys to his new flat in his hand, is ready to leave St. Martins, describing the moving out process as “like a whirlwind”.

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Featured image for Colin's story

Arrow Colin's story

Colin came to St Martins as a 40-year-old struggling with debt to the local council and dealers; he was in a vulnerable position and about to lose his tenancy and faced violent retribution for the money he owed on the streets.

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Featured image for Lucy's story

Arrow Lucy's story

Lucy’s behaviour included storming through the office whilst being aggressive towards staff, swearing at other residents and staff, walking into a busy road in front of cars and destruction of property at her accommodation. With patience and understanding, we can help Lucy to lead a better quality of life.

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Featured image for Whitney's story

Arrow Whitney's story

Whitney's story shows how support needs can fluctuate, that progress can be slow and steady, and by getting to know their clients well, the team know when to step in and help people maintain the progress they have made.

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Featured image for Anz's story

Arrow Anz's story

Due to no income Anz had his house repossessed and was made homeless. He was on the streets for eight months- mainly outside Debenhams in the doorway. Other sleeping rough liked Anz and felt protected by him. “They knew I was a nice guy.”

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Featured image for Sherese's Story

Arrow Sherese's Story

Homelessness is something someone is going through. It’s not their ‘be all or end all’. A bit of kindness can be a massive help on their journey, as Sherese found.

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Featured image for Peter's story

Arrow Peter's story

Supporting people as they move on from our services is an absolute joy. Peter loves his new flat, he said, “I don’t plan on leaving here. You’d have to drag me out of here by my fingernails!”

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Featured image for Hussein's story

Arrow Hussein's story

Hussein has found people in Norwich to be kind. He said, “This is my city now.” St Martins has helped him to settle. He said, "If I didn't have St Martins I would go crazy!"

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Featured image for Kirk's story

Arrow Kirk's story

“If it weren’t for you guys I would be either dead or living in my car.” In fact, Kirk slept in his car for three nights before he received support from St Martins and was given accommodation.

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