Real life stories of people supported by St Martins

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Becky linked up with other organisations in Norwich during her stay at Bishopbridge House, which helped her break the cycle of homelessness.

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Andy became homeless after a failed relationship. After a stay at Bishopbridge House, he is positive about securing permanent accommodation and gaining full time employment.

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Ian is 43 years old and has a history of being arrested for disorderly conduct; a behaviour pattern that was aggravated by long term homelessness, mental health problems and dependency issues.

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Five years ago Michael was sleeping rough and misusing alcohol and drugs. With the help of St Martins, he has now got a place of his own and a paid job.

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Phil had been homeless for 18 years and spent much of that time sleeping rough. A bad case of trench foot led Phil to finally accept a place in St Martins hostel.

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Geoff, who is in his sixties, has been known to St Martins for at least 20 years. Over the years, Geoff circulated from the streets to hostels to prison, then back to the streets and it was a repeating cycle than seemed impossible to break.

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Mike had a home and a job, but aged 56, he found himself rough sleeping on Castle Meadow in Norwich. With the help of the Pathways service, he is now getting his life back on track.

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