David’s story

Yoga classBack in the spring of 2013 I was advised by my probation officer to attend Under 1 Roof to learn some I.T. skills and gain access to an email address. I started attending the Tuesday basic I.T. class and I achieved those aims. Whilst doing the computer training I became aware of a yoga class taking place at Tuesday lunchtime, but never gave it another thought. I continued with the training and became more curious as to what this “yoga” was all about.

I have always been interested in keeping fit and I was and still go regularly to the gym. A mate who I met at computers attended the yoga every week and eventually persuaded me to give it a go. This was spring 2014. I went along thinking I would be sitting crossed legged humming. How wrong I was. The whole experience was great, lots of movement, a challenge to my mind and body, and most important to me, a reduction in my anxiety levels.

As a recovering drug addict and alcoholic I look out for any tools which will help me on my journey towards my aim which is contentment. After a while I started attending other yoga classes as well as the Under 1 Roof class and started noticing progress both physically and mentally. In most things we do in life we judge and are being judged all the time. I found the yoga environment different. The atmosphere in all the classes was calm and relaxed, but full of energy. A real challenge, but not a competition. Just gradual progress. I now do several classes a week and have taken up the Mindfulness classes that are also available at Under 1 Roof. Both practices complement each other as learning breathing techniques is the key. Since then I have noticed my anxiety is much lower and my general mental health is much more under control. I am 100% convinced that yoga has played a huge part in achieving this. I strongly recommend it to everyone who has mental health issues. Why not give both yoga and mindfulness a go, after all, what have you got to lose?!