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Direct access hostel

Bishopbridge House

Bishopbridge House
45 William Kett Close

What is it?

Bishopbridge House is the main direct access hostel for people in Norwich who are homeless. It replaced the Oak Street Night Shelter in 2002. The hostel’s main purpose is to provide emergency, temporary accommodation with support for people who are homeless. But Bishopbridge House is more than a temporary home, it is a base from which you can build your future.
In the hostel there are friendly and experienced staff available 24/7 who are there to support and assist you as you move towards finding a new, more permanent home.
Along the way you may find that you need some additional support before you feel ready to take on your new home. At Bishopbridge House we work closely with a number of agencies who provide specialist support that may be helpful to you, Including primary health care or drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services.
In addition we will introduce you to a range of opportunities to learn or develop new skills, volunteer or share your experience to help others.


Applying for a vacancy at Bishopbridge House

If a person wants to be considered for a vacancy in the hostel, they will be asked to speak to a member of the outreach team who will be able to offer them advice about their housing options which will be based on the information shared with them. There may be alternatives to the direct access hostel that are better suited to meet a person’s needs. The outreach team will support them with referrals to any housing providers that are available to them.
Bishopbridge House receives a high volume of vacancy enquiries compared to the number of available beds at any time. As a result, it is frequently necessary for us to make decisions regarding the relative priority and vulnerability of a number of applicants for any available vacancy.
If a person does not get a room immediately, they are asked to keep in touch, as on average we have a room become available every other day.



Arrow Arrow Everybody here has been fantastic and really helpful. Its nice to know people do care. Arrow Arrow

Bishopbridge House resident

Case Studies:

Featured image for Becky's story

Arrow Becky's story

Becky linked up with other organisations in Norwich during her stay at Bishopbridge House, which helped her break the cycle of homelessness.

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Featured image for Andy's story

Arrow Andy's story

Andy became homeless after a failed relationship. After a stay at Bishopbridge House, he is positive about securing permanent accommodation and gaining full time employment.

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  • Can I have a dog while I am at Bishopbridge House?

Yes you can, your dog/s are welcome as long as they are well behaved and well cared for but you must let us know that you have a dog before you accept the offer of a room as you will not be able to get a dog after you have moved in.

  • Do I have to pay rent and/or service charge?

You are responsible for paying both rent and service charges, in most cases the full cost of your rent will be covered by Housing Benefit, we will support you to make a claim. There is a weekly service charge to cover the cost of your utilities which is not covered by Housing Benefit.

  • Can I work while I am in Bishopbridge House?

Yes you can, your earnings will be offset against any claim for Housing Benefit and you may have to pay a top up towards your rent. There are a number of tools available to help with calculating this so please speak to a team member for a more detailed assessment.

  • Can I have visitors?

Visitors are allowed on the premises in the evening but must remain in the communal areas. This will be at the discretion of staff on an individual basis