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Looking after the environment

Our goal for 2022 is to be a GREEN TEAM and carry on doing our bit for the environment!

Over the last few years we have been making slow but steady progress on improving how we care for our environment. However, we know we can do better and each of our services have reviewed the work that they have done in this area and spoken to team members about how we can do better in 2022.

There are lots of things we are already doing that have a positive impact on the environment. However, improvements can be made to better our carbon footprint here at St Martins.

St Martins Environmental targets

Organisation wide– Reduce printing and use of paper where possible. Set up screens around our services to replace noticeboards and reduce paper use. Use energy saving lighting.


Highwater house- Introduce a new electronic method of medication recording, have a vegetarian day once a week, and introduce indoor recycling bins in the kitchen and lounges.

Dibden Road- Grow our own vegetables, recycle old furniture for the people we support as they move into their own homes.

Head Office- Ensure environmental issues are addressed in our IT Strategy, review the use of fleet vans to ascertain the possibility of electric vehicles & charging points, look into an electronic purchase order system, issue management accounts as pdf files for managers rather than paper.

Maintenance team– Engage with services to reduce heating-waste, donate unsuitable furniture to avoid recyclable items being sent to landfill, fit timer-switches to lights and ovens where possible to minimise electric waste, ensure disposal of white good is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Under 1 roof- Introduce a food waste bin, use biodegradable water cups.

Webster Court– Plant new hedging, go digital on care plans/plan reviews/risk assessments/ records.

Somewhere Safe To Stay Hub- Stop the use of disposable cups, explore getting a freestanding sink to allow residents to wash their cups, stop using plastic single use items, recycle old bike parts.

Bishopbridge House- Use biodegradable bin liners, only change bins when they are full, create a compost bin in the garden, get a water butt in the garden.

Resettlement & community support- Work on individual rotas to reduce the transportation times and distances between appointments to reduce on car usage.

Environmental action