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Rita’s story: My happiness at Webster Court


Rita is one of the residents at Webster Court, a Housing with Care service for people over the age of 50. Rita regularly uses the computers at our learning and development centre Under 1 Roof. She typed up this piece of writing about her life at Webster Court.

Come with me and take a walk through our wonderful house and home of Webster Court, in the City of Norwich. It is a contented home which caters for residents with a varying degree of needs. Our manager Joy, and all the team of staff which have been built around her offer a very high specification of care and attention.

My name is Rita and I am one of the residents here, and I live on the independent side of the accommodation. It has been a journey of ups and downs for me over the last ten years of being with St Martins but all of it has had a very positive spin on things for me!

I live here with all of my friends and companions and we meet regularly downstairs in the dining room and communal area for drinks and snacks to share our daily conversation with. I am very happy here and it has only been because of the super input from the manager and staff into my care and wellbeing that I am where I am today. Without wishing to sound too modest, I must tell whoever is reading this, that I have worked very hard and saved hard to put together a very attractive cottage-like flat with some super pieces of furniture in it from a very well known store in the country.

I am warm and cosy in my flat and the house cat often takes the liberty of strolling in and out and napping on my bed which I do not mind. The staff have helped me to decrease my pain killers and they have really helped me fulfil am ambition in doing so and this also has made me very happy. A compilation of all these things has made me a much better person living at Webster Court and put a very positive outlook on life for me. I adore doing yoga and art and Christmas and Easter at our home.

For me all of this is the essence of what makes me the person I am today which has resulted in me really moving forward with my life. I also have friends outside of Webster Court who take me out and about, so this is my happy home where I reside and hopefully this can remain so for many years to come, so thank you to all of my friends here, and also to Joy our manager and all of the staff.

Pictured: Rita with the Webster Court cat, Boots

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