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A home has never been more important

That is why we are backing this campaign

St Martins is backing The National Housing Federation’s Campaign “Homes at the Heart of Settled Futures” focusing on rough sleeping and homelessness. The campaign calls for permanent housing and support for those in temporary accommodation with the long-term goal of ending rough sleeping.

This is part of a six-week campaign by The National Housing Federation (NHF) showcasing why investment in social housing should be at the heart of any Government COVID-19 Recovery Plan.

For the past six months, having a place to call home has been fundamental to staying safe. Swift action by the government, in conjunction with local authorities and housing trusts, effectively ended rough sleeping overnight during the crisis. This short-term solution needs to transition to long term support, especially with the ever-growing risk of another peak as the winter months approach.

The Homes at the Heart campaign has set out four steps to find permanent homes and support for all those temporarily housed.

  • Delivery of the government’s plan to ensure that every former rough sleeper will be supported into sustainable and affordable housing
  • Coordination between local authorities and partners to identify suitable accommodation for each individual
  • Guaranteed, long term support funding to ensure people receive appropriate and sufficient support in their new home
  • Capital funding to secure additional accommodation where necessary

Homes at the Heart is also calling for further steps to prevent a possible sharp rise in homelessness as the economic impact of the virus is realised. The campaign highlights homelessness prevention measures including- benefits that cover the cost of rent, legal advice, secure employment and family mediation- that need to be implemented as the eviction ban and economic support comes to an end.

This week, St Martins will share #HomesAtTheHeart stories on social media joining the national campaign for investment in social housing for settled futures. CEO Dr Jan Sheldon said, “Never before have our homes been so important to us. Everybody deserves to have a place to call home.”

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