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Funding boost for our donations project

Members of the Thorpe Hamlet Labour Party enjoy running an annual jumble sale which not only makes them some much-needed cash but also provides many people with the opportunity to stock up on a wide variety of clothes that might otherwise be destroyed or recycled. The group held the event earlier this year and organisers decided to donate some of the proceeds to St Martins after being moved by seeing the issue of homelessness every day on the streets of our city. Cllr Cavan Stewart said, “We felt that we should do something more and share the proceeds of our sale with St Martin’s. We felt this was the right thing to do as this is a charity that operates within Thorpe Hamlet for the benefit of the city as a whole. The money we have given will go directly to help kick-start the opening of the ‘donation station’ on Bishopgate and I am convinced this will make a difference to the lives of many people who are less fortunate than ourselves.”

The Donation Station at 33 Bishopgate opened recently and the premises was refurbished and fitted with shelving and rails to make it easier to sort and display the donated items. St Martins clients are regularly given vouchers by their support workers so they can benefit from donations of clothing, shoes, household items and toiletries.

Pictured above: members of the Thorpe Hamlet Labour Party

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