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Winter donations welcome at St Martins


We always see donations increase over the Christmas period and during the cold weather; a time when people empathise with the homeless. Two of our supporters, Alan and Adrian have used their resources to make a difference to local people in need.


A warm and safe place to live

Alan is one of many pensioners who donates his winter fuel allowance to charity. Alan is in the fortunate position to be financially secure and he chooses to donate the government benefit to St Martins every year.

Alan said, “One sees with one’s own eyes the plight of the homeless on the streets, many of whom are incredibly vulnerable.  National publicity in recent years has highlighted the problem and one which should no longer be tolerated in what we would like to consider a civilised and humane country.

“St Martins not only offers the homeless a safe haven but also help and guidance to provide a lifeline to enable them to enjoy some of those comforts and security that the majority of us take for granted.”

Alan’s gift-aided donation of £120 will be put towards a new 20 bed facility in Norwich, ensuring that vulnerable people have a warm and safe place from which to start rebuilding their lives.


Putting others first: Christmas gifts

Adrian and his wife decided to purchase some items for St Martins rather than buy Christmas gifts for each other. Adrian contacted us to ask if there was anything specific that we were in need of so that he and his wife could shop for it and drop it off to us.

We immediately knew what we’d like! We run a drop-in group for people who struggle with their mental health – part of our homelessness prevention work – and they were in need of art materials and specifically large folders so artwork can be kept pristine and un-crumpled from week to week. It might seem like an odd gift for a homelessness charity to ask for, but the paints, paper and folders will be used for many months. Creative activities such as art can make a powerful contribution to our health and wellbeing.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here

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