35 Bishopgate, Norwich NR1 4AA    Tel: 01603 667706


What is it?

Group Homes are move-on accommodation provided by St Martins Housing Trust.  There are 13 separate Group Homes in different locations around Norwich.  These range from shared houses with 3 bedrooms, up to shared houses with 6 bedrooms.

Where is it?

35 Bishopgate
Norwich NR1 4AA
Tel: 01603 667706

What happens there?

The Group Homes team aims to support single homeless, males and females, between the ages of 18-65, to develop the skills needed for independent living, so they can successfully move into their own accommodation.

Referrals are made from the Trust’s three residential sites, Bishopbridge House, Highwater House, and Carrow Hill Home.  You can speak with your link worker about being referred and they will help you complete a referral form.

Once the team have received a referral form they will contact you and your worker and arrange an assessment.  At the assessment they will request a range of information from you in order to get a clear understanding of your situation. This may include sensitive information regarding your health, substance misuse and criminal justice involvement, in addition to your accommodation history.

Following your assessment you will receive a letter informing you whether you have been accepted, put on a waiting list, or refused accommodation.  If you have been refused you will have an opportunity to appeal this decision and this will be explained to you in your letter and by your worker.

When a bed becomes available within Group Homes the Managers of Bishopbridge House, Carrow Hill House and Highwater House will be notified.

The team will go through the referrals and completed assessments and choose the most appropriate person for the vacancy. 

For this process the team will take into account:

  • Your support needs
  • Any risks that have been identified
  • Any physical health issues
  • Your view, options and requests
  • The other residents living at the house














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